What is Design Home?


It is the leading game in this modernization world. Design Home is a simulation-based game consists of various types of house decorating and daily challenging events. Thousands of new players play it every day. The game is very attractive and helpful as it gives you various ideas about house decorating. It is the best game to experience the real life ideas and inspiration. It is the best ways to pass your spare time as it makes you feel relax and increases your skills and abilities.

How did it work?

The game is filled with different types of decorating stuff mainly furniture, plants, and pictures, etc. Usually, they provide rooms in a house to decorate, but sometimes they may be hotel lobbies and TV studio. All players have to choose and place the furniture or any other material on the decor in the space given to them. The results of challenges are determined by other players who vote on house designs. Once you achieve four stars or higher, then you win a piece of virtual furniture which you use in your future challenges.

It is a very straightforward process as if you spent 20000$ in an event you move up to level 2 and similarly if you spent 30000$ you move up to level 3. Every time you move to a different level as if you play the game regularly or participate in the events by trying Design Home Hack.

Top Tips to Win

  • Claim your Daily Rewards – It means that you have to collect your daily tickets and diamonds regularly as they help you to purchase new things. It is the simplest thing to do, and you have to open the game and claim your rewards every time.
  • Take Entry in Daily Challenges – It is the best way to earn more in-game currency. It helps you to win the game easily and earns many rewards easily.
  • Use the Currency Wisely – It refers to the wisely use of your currency as by spending it on the necessary things.
  • Take Entry into Special Challenges – The game offers some special challenges, and by taking entry into those you win some in-game currency and move up to a high level.