Take full control of your life in My Story Game


Have your thought about to live life of your dreams and want to do the tasks which you never have done before? If yes! Then you can have full control of your life or dream life in your hands. You are free to do whatever you like to do in the game of My Story.

The game is of course free to play. There are many things which gamer can do as well with the help of My Story Hack system of it which generates lots if diamonds and other items in it.

About graphics and gameplay

The game has been designed in such a way that the lure can be seen by it that once you start playing it you cannot leave it in the middle before completing the tasks. The gameplay is stunning and graphics is animated.

Action and living life

The gamer of it has to do many action and tasks in My Story to life and enjoy the life of famous and elite class persons. Player may go on date, have flirt with famous and popular person, and fall in love with your favorite crush and so on.

Diamonds and tickets

Game currency is considered as an integral part of the game. This game provides tickets and diamonds as main game funds in the game. Both kinds of game amount can be used to unlock many characters and stories of it to play well. My Story Hack could be defined as a currency generator in the game.

Dozens of stories to opt from

The player in this game can opt for stories of his or her choice and can see in the character and feel in them. Stories are of many kinds in My Story game such as Romance, Drama, and so on.