Some skills you need to learn in shadow fight2

Some skills you need to learn in shadow fight2

If you are a game lover and searching for the fighting game then shadow fight2 is for you. it is a quite popular game with more than 150 million downloads. The main benefits of game it comes with great graphics, real fighters, and adventurous gameplay mode.  Shadow fight 2 developed by  Nekki and available for Windows, Android and iOS platforms.  The main object in this game you have to fight with your opposition and win to become top ninja in game.

The game offers you five energy boosters each time and you can use each booster in one fight, it depends on your skills and strategies whether you win or lose. Before going to next level you should spend your all money on upgrading resources in order to better rank in the game.  if you are a new user then you have to learn certain skills before initiating the battle.

Unlock certain features with gems and stones

After earning a lot of coins or gems it should be better to spend those resources on costumes and armor.  With the utilization of real money or with Shadow Fight 2 Hacks you can buy a resource, it is recommended to you use points than plastic money.

Increase health meter

As if you are trying to hit punch and kicks without any aims, it means you are depleting your health meter. You need to spend your rage meter in the right way like if you are missing attacks and does not launch any attacks you will run out of power. It is vital to hit hard on vulnerable parts to boost your health. After successfully filling the battery of health you can hit opposition from strong to brutal. After violent become aggressive then comes crazy part. If you reach to final point with full of power try to hit hard to your opposition.

Weapons and strongest bombs

There are different types of weapons available which comes with different uses. All game depends on what type of weapon and move you are choosing. You should find a weapon which is perfect for your chapter.

Tournaments best way to earning

If you are winning tournaments constantly then it would be a great way to earn some extra coins that would be used to boost your power. While, there are a lot of tournaments available in the game which is so tough for a beginner. Surviving in complicated tournaments helps you to earn some additional points without utilization of energy.

Upgrading is better than the new one

However, having latest equipment in the game helps you to boost your power and win complex levels but it is very difficult to purchase new items regularly. It should be better to upgrade your old weapons which are the perfect thing to fight with your old weapon and allocate new arms in next chapter.


What is the final verdict?

With the assistance of above summary, you will able to boost your skills and learn more way to complete all five countries levels.