Learn the art of playing Hustle Castle with perfection

Learn the art of playing Hustle Castle with perfection

This game is developed by MY.COM and these publishers have come up such great storyline and this game will surely be helpful to get you out of boredom, so visit in reddit and get more info about this game. You can play this game anywhere on your mobile phone with a stable internet connection. Taking about which mobile phone then let me clarify that this game is available for both Android and iOS platforms. In this game, you have to play a role of king and it is obvious because it is a role-playing castle building game.

When it comes to playing this game then it seems pretty easy to play. For the first time but when you get to know about different things about other great players. You get to know how vast this game is when you feel like you should be doing something great. So we’ve come up with few tips and trick to get you a better start. Let’s get to it-

1. Get Better Tools and Gear up your game

Getting better weapons can change a lot in your performance. Tools and Gears are important and there are hundreds of thousands of different tools available in the market. While choosing a gear you should keep an eye on the information of such weapons to let yourself know about pros and cons. Equipment makes a lot of difference and you should be using the right one as per your use. Try reaching out for an upgrade as much as possible and it has a lot of benefits and less money will be spent. For instances, a spectacle for your financial analyst can let you earn 5% extra bonus.

2. What is Throne room?

The throne room is basically used to upgrade a lot of stuff and you can use it once you’ve upgraded throne room itself. The throne room is one of the best upgrading sources in this game but you should know when and how to use it. So before rushing to a higher level of this room, you should upgrade everything else in your kingdom and you’ve to be smart enough if you want to master this game.

3. Getting Free Stuff

Gems are the only primary currency in this game. One can buy these gems by real cash or we can say using your money but this isn’t a smart move to spend money on a game but you can get for free with Hustle Castle Hack. So you’ve to be smart enough to check out freeways of earning. One way is to open chests and earning them is really easy and just don’t forget to open them before they expire. Second and the most interesting thing that you can do is to get free gems by completing certain objectives and earning the achievement. You can do this by clicking on the crown button to see the achievements objectives and complete them in order to earn free stuff.

4. Train Your Fighter

While you’re playing the game or even you’re going offline. Leave your one fighter in the training room and by the time you come back it will be a lot stronger and you can use it for future battles. You can train as many as you can if you have a perfect for doing these upgrades in your throne room and barracks.

5. Filling up rooms before upgrading one

Try getting as many villagers as you can in a room. This game works like real life as if there are people in a room then these people will help the constructor to build up the room. Such real experiences in a reel game are quite interesting. This trick is applicable almost on every room and this will boost the building time.


Bottom Line

This game is really fascinating with such amazing and interesting gameplay. You can work everything out with these tips and tricks. As if you’re new to this game then you might’ve come across such hassles and all of them are discussed above. Remember each and every single tip and it will surely help you to be a better player. I will be coming up with some more tips and tricks to help you out with almost each and everything out in the gamer’s world.