Great tips for a farming base in Last day on earth survival


In case you are stilling trying to find something very interesting to entertain yourself then try last day on earth survival game on your device. You can download this game free of cost form the itunes.

There are mind-blowing shooting actions to do and you will certainly fall in love with it because of its great animation work and superb graphics. All the latest gaming features are included in it to amaze the player. The best part is that you can even enjoy it more with some great tips and tricks by getting Last Day On Earth Survival Hack.

Kill the zombies first

There is no doubt that killing the zombies is the most essential task. You need to clear your base by killing every single zombie of that particular area. This way you will not be distracted by them anymore during the creation of your base.

There is no doubt that you may be getting injured in this process but there are some remedies available for that as well. You can start consuming the berries. They will be working like a wonder and you will be able to heal very soon for the next task in the last day on earth survival.

Start the crafting work

There are many tasks which can change your experience of playing the last day on earth survival game. You should focus more on the crafting work. It is very important for the steady growth in the virtual world.

You should start with a house and try to keep it short like 3 x 3 when you are starting. You should also craft small boxes to store the loot in it. You will be getting many chances to loot and then the boxes will be very helpful to keep them.

Create your own carrot farm

Supply the eatable things to the players is very important. They will be losing the energy during the various activities like running, walking and jumping etc. In that situation, you are expected to take care of their appetite by providing them carrots. You should create a carrot farm for this.

In order to get the fast production, you should also craft a water catcher. By doing this you will never run out of the supply of carrots and water. It will be very useful to take care of the hunger and thirst of your character.

Craft cloths and weapons

Setting the farms for the carrot and making a water catcher will be very helpful. You will be getting some moments to do other important tasks. You should never forget the fact that you will have to fight with the unlimited zombies and you will in the need of weapons and other things.

Now you should craft the clothes and weapons to make your character strong enough to deal with various situations. There will be some stone and you can also turn them into planks and bricks for important tasks in last day on earth survival game.

Make the base strong

Creating a powerful base is very important and you should never forget the importance of keeping it strong. This can be done by preparing for the proper defense. You can erect the walls as well and it will be very helpful to store the loot.

You should also start exploring the nearby areas of the base to keep everything under control. They will be indicated by the green pin. Now you must be thinking that why it is important. Well, they are very important because you easily collect loot from there. But you should always go there with proper preparation. Never forget to bring the essential things with you like a spear, backpack, and carrots.