Episodes – Choose your Story: A-Z guide

Episodes – Choose your Story: A-Z guide

Episode – Choose your story is one of the most famous games when it comes to role-playing and story making techniques. There are many things in this game and you have to be looking out for these in order to play this game. There are many tips and tricks that you’ll come across while looking for them and use them in a perfect manner in order to be the best player. Try looking out for the things that you have to know and don’t fall for other things like websites promising to give free currencies and all.

Now that you’ve you started this game then you might get to know about the gameplay that is to you’ve to be acting in a story in order to play the game. There are many in-game stories to choose from and you can also choose from a different user’s start that you can play. Try to look out for trending section and you’ll find the top stories in the game.

There are many more things that you should know about this game and we’ve collected everything to let you know about this episode shop. So let’s get started –

Making up a better Story

So this is one of the simplest things yet most interesting when it comes to story playing to the extent in this game. You can make up a story while being in the game and there are 2 ways in which it can be done. The first way is to log in to your account on a browser on a pc or anything you’re using. This can be hard as it is a bit difficult to handle on a browser and it doesn’t run that smooth there.

Secondly, you can use your mobile phone and make up a story in the app. All you need to do is to get into the creator studios and get into it let yourself make up a story. There are many people in this world playing this a game and almost every single player is making up new stories and almost 10,000 stories are uploaded every day to this game. Now that you’ve known about the competition in this game, you’ve to come up with new stories every single time. Try to come up with new ideas and summarize all your imagination to a perfect story.

Story making is an art and you’ve to take care of this art. You’ve to master this art and it takes really nothing to be perfect. It’s just a little hard work to put yourself in the story and trust me you’ll end up making the most trending story of your time. Come up with something unique like if you’ve realized a fantasy in the real world then you can describe it in a story and this will help you write easily and you don’t have to make things up. All you need to do is to remember and write down.


What are the currencies used?

Well, there are 2 currencies provided by the developer of this game and those are gems and passes. These are the in-game currencies in this game and you can use this to make your gameplay easier. These currencies will help you anywhere and TBH you can’t survive without using Gems and Passes.

Gems – Gems are really good and they are too hard to collect. You’ll be getting free gems when you’re a newbie but after that, you’ll find it too hard to earn gems, so if you’re a newbie then try saving up gems from now on. Gems are the premium currency because you can make passes out of your gems that mean it lets you buy passes in exchange for gems. Gems are very useful and they help you unlock a new episode, so by trying episode cheats.

Passes – These are the primary currency after the gems and these are used to unlock choices in an episode and these passes really are much more important. These passes are somewhat low ranging as you can buy and even earn them easily. So, don’t take these for granted and trust me these will help you a lot in near future.

I hope you like this guide and stay tuned for more such stuff.